An Art Collaboration between Diana Scarborough and Ilse van den Berk

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About the Project

This is an important collaboration for me. Although my art practice is collaborative my most recent work has been in the world of public art working with scientists, musicians composers, dancers and sculptures to create multimedia installations.

TwinSed is much ore personal and is mostly about drawing. Many of the postcards I work on include a gestural drawing element. Drawing is my unconscious art thinking as well as a playground for exploring my ideas, mark making artist influences and materials. It is a wonderful to work with Ilse as it is a way of reconnecting with our past and as well as our current art practice. I imagine that development over the last 3 years is can be seen in our postcards as well


For me, I know there is a narrative embedded in each card that is personal to me though having others see that in the work is not important. I enjoy the challenge of creating a piece of artwork from Ilse's starting points that are not always easy. It is an 'exquisite corpse' game with art intentions. When I receive the completed cards from Ilse I am often surprised to see how she has completed them, especially if I have given her a starting point that that I think she will finish a certain way and she has done it differently. Once I have posted the start point of my card my work as an artist is done. I hand over the finishing of it without hesitation or regret.

The largest surprise is seeing the cards together here on the website. I can only be subjective about them. I need others to tell me if they see the works of two artists or the postcards can be viewed as as the practice of a single artist. In the beginning it was purely about process and now it is so much more.

About Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough lives in Cambridge, UK and has worked internationally as an artist and engineer. She teaches Fine Art and Digital Fine Art (animation, filmaking, photography) and STEM subjects at secondary school and 6th form college on a part-time basis. She offers bespoke art tutoring from her studio and has run successful outreach projects, CPD and adult education classes.


Diana Scarborough is a Chartered Engineer with a BSc Electronic Engineering (York), BA Fine Art (Royal Academy of Art, Holland) and MA Printmaking (Cambridge School of Art)


Artist Statement

I work cross-discipline, creatively and collaboratively, taking inspiration from scientific practice that embraces concepts of data, code, mutable materials, rekindled history, technology and environmental concerns and rephrases them from an art perspective. Projection, sound, video installation, light, sensors, circuit design or sculpture is my current media of choice often working with scientists, dancers, musicians, sculptors, performers and community groups to make the work increasingly tangible, surprising, relevant and inclusive.

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